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Emrose Bands is in Jamaica!!

Last month we had the absolute privilege of getting to send Emrose Bandana Bands with MM Designs to Jamaica! MM Designs hosted a community event for teen moms while on a mission trip to Jamaica this past June and set a focus on relationship building. The goal in mind was to provide a safe place for these young moms to come and be young girls, something that most of them have not experienced for as long as they can remember. They played games, shared a meal, and talked about what they had walked through in their lives. I know for me, moments like this with my friends and community have had an incredible impact on my life. What a gift it was for the MM Designs team to provide a safe place within the community where these women could share their own stories.

“We know that this won’t fix every problem immediately, but taking time to love, listen, and see can help rebuild walls piece by piece. There is no rush for this type of Kingdom Work - it is on God’s timing! We are just the hands and feet and give Him our YES!”

- MM Designs

What a beautiful example of taking the time for intentional relationships. These young girls were invited to participate in this community event along with other adult women which helped cultivate and establish relationships within their community. MM Designs sent a team in with hopes of equipping these women so that they could mentor and pour into the lives of the young girls long after the mission trip. I love that there was a focus on providing the women with the tools they needed to grow and be successful on their own.

This is something that can be referred to as a rarity in most cultures across the globe. With these teen pregnancies, most of the girls drop out of school and take a step back from chasing dreams for their life. “When they become pregnant, they drop out of school and therefore leaving no space for them to dream. Even so, they simply stop playing because they grow up so quickly.”

- MM Designs

We wanted to do something to help support this incredible mission trip, so we decided to send Bandanna Bands with our Emrose Bands message on the back: “You matter, you are loved, and you were made with great purpose.” This truth tied so perfectly into what MM Designs was sharing about. Not only do these girls now have the experience with the MM Designs team to look back on for encouragement, but also an Emrose Band. You guys made that happen! We are so excited for all the places Emorse Bands hopes to impact across the world!

Huge thank you to for allowing us to partner with you! Check out their instagram to see more about their business:)

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