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3 Ways to be Intentional with Someone You Care About

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

1. Text them!

This is such a simple yet sweet way to let someone know you care. Text them some encouragement, a song you think they'd like, or just check in! Small intentional actions go a long way.

2. Make time to spend time

​Make time to be with your people! Life is crazy and everyone seems to be so busy, but time with people cultivates true friendships/relationships. It doesn't have to be a crazy plan. Grab some coffee, go on a walk, or just try to plan something. This can mean more to them then you may realize!

3. Learn how they feel loved

Everyone feels loved in different ways. Some people may feel cared about when they receive encouraging words, a gift, or spend quality time with those they love. Knowing how your people feel loved allows you to love them well. You may be wondering how to figure this out, just ask! This not only answers your question but also starts a great conversation.

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