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3 Ways to Be a Good Friend

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Being a good friend is something we all hope to be and hope to find! Here are three practical steps to being that for someone in your life.

1. Be intentional

One of the simplest ways to love your friends well is by being intentional. Show up for them in the little moments! Write them an encouraging note, buy them a coffee, or text them just to check-in. These little acts of intentionality go a long way and not only cultivate friendship but also are reflections of the love of God:)

2. Speak life over them

​Our words carry a lot of weight. Speak encouraging and uplifting things over your friends! Encourage them in their gifts, speak the truth in love, and cheer them on like crazy. You never know what those kind words mean to someone's heart. Speak in a way that brings life to your friendships.

3. Always make others feel included

Whether you've known someone for five minutes or five years everyone loves to be included. Be a person that includes others in conversations, plans, and activities! Just extending an invitation can make all the difference in a friendship. And when you find people you love to be around, tell them you love to be around them! Isn't it great when someone says, "I would love for you to be there,"? Let's be that friend!

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