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3 things to remember when you're feeling insecure

1. Your worth is not found in your performance

In a world where success, fame, and performance are highly praised and glorified, we have to remember the truth. While it is good to work hard and have ambitions, these goals and their outcomes do not determine your worth. You are so much more than your gifts and abilities. Your worth is not found in your performance or in what you can do. Instead, your worth is in who God says you are. And He calls you His own who He deeply loves!

2. Those hopes and dreams were placed in your heart for a reason

God has created you with such intention. Your gifts, abilities, personality, and hobbies all can be used by God for good things! Whether you love to paint, sing, cook, or workout, when we give our hearts to the Lord He can do amazing things with these gifts. When we love for Him, He gives us the desires of our hearts, so those big dreams and big hopes aren't too big for God. Give Him your yes today and see what all He can do!

3. Don’t let comparison steal the joy of your journey

Comparison is the thief of joy. When we compare ourselves to those around us we take our eyes off of what is right in front of us. Every moment, season, and phase of life has gifts and blessings as well as hardships. When we compare our journey with someone else we are comparing two completely different stories, experiences, and time-lines. Just remember this: You aren't late, you aren't behind, you are right where you are which is right on time.

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