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3 Things to Remember About Yourself

These three things are not only true, but also remind us that we're not alone. This really encouraged me today and I hope it does the same for you!!

  1. You matter

How often do we hear this? Yet how often do we believe it? You matter. Your life has significance and you impact more people than you can imagine! Your friends, your family, the people you work with, or see in your favorite coffee shop are all opportunities to encourage and be a reflection of kindness to. Your story deserves to be told. Share your light! Lift others up. You’ll start to see that the influence you have isn’t dependent upon a platform, it depends on your willingness to love.

  1. You are loved

You are fully and completely known and loved by God. That may seem hard to believe or receive but it hold true even in all you’ve walked through. God calls you His own and that’s not earned. It’s a gift! You are loved. How would your life change if you chose to believe that today?

  1. You have purpose

You not only are loved, but have great mission and purpose in this life! Those dreams, gifts, and goals are all ways God wants to use you to bring life into this world. Life can make us feel alone or unseen, but He is the one who says we’re known and have been called to a life that’s more. You have purpose!!! Keep going, He sees you and calls you His own.

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